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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 12, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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matt and kristen? >> soccer fans are ready to indulge in nonstop action starting this morning when world cup opens in brazil. many local businesses and cities are setting up for different viewing. amy hollyfield is at civic center plaza in san francisco. amy? this is one police where you can watch some of the matches. the old city feels like it is getting and the action. there is one new bar in the city called "the san francisco athletic club," with 27 flat screen tvs ready to go. others plan to open for every match. and a barber shop will have a world cup party. friend is showing more enthusiasm this round than ever before. >> getting bigger and bigger every world cup and each year. the last two world cups i
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noticed the change. the excitement is in the bay area comparable to the world. >> there will be a world cup watching party in civic center plaza on saturday with giant screens and soccer clinics and art roths for the kids and food from all over the world. the opening ceremony is at 11:15. the united states doesn't have its first match until monday. a rough landing is facing fans flying into brazil. workers at the international airport in rio de janeiro are on strike. workers are promising to keep 80 percent service but it will lead to major delays. employees demand pay raises and better working conditions. man if brazil are angry the nation spent $11 billion public
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money on the world cup when they face severe problems. we will carry several games live starting saturday including columbia and greece at 8:30 a.m. don't miss a moment with abc on the smartphone, tablet or computer. >> man wanted in the but tool carjack of an 789 -- 89-year-old woman is under arrest. terrance hardy has been on the run since a serious carjacking incident. here is the suspect driving off in the white toyota camera. a woman would recognized hardy spotted him in east oakland last night. she tipped off police he was arrested. the victim's car still missing. our media partner reports he previously served time for assault with a deadly weapon. he is suspected in violent incidents at three oakland libraries this year including
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last week at the golden gate branch. >> san jose police believe excessive speed is the cause of a car accident that ripped the car in half and killed the driver at 9:00 last night. the driver was going so fast he lost control and crashed into a tree. the driver was ejected and died at the seen. he not identified. >> a blow to on demand ride services like uber and lyft. the state is ordering them to stop service at airports unless they meet a certain condition which they do not meet right now. here is more officer de young museum in san francisco. >> if you use uber or lift or another it is time if a backup plan. the president of the california commission scolded the companies say he was disappointed in their behavior that looks hike this: a driver picking up passengers and pulling away. this is the sidecar operate
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without an airport permit. andy is waiting for a ride to berkeley. >> you think it is bogus? >> unnecessary. >> her driver asked her to sit in the front seat to avoid any questions. airport security says they can still spot rideshare pickups. "if immediate action is not taken to bring your operation interest compliance, the cpuc will begin enforcement including rest vocation of permit." the driver thinks it comes down to cash. >> public safety is not the reason behind the crackdown. it is the $4 at the anti-they are trying to collect. the proof is they are not cracking down in san francisco. taxis pay $4 for airport fare and cab drivers celebrate. >> a it will be nice to increase business for us. >> uber and lit and wings have until next week to respond.
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>> developing news in arizona, a priest has been shot and killed and a second priest is in critical condition after an attack at a catholic church. it happened inside the living quarters this downtown phoenix. one priest called 9-1-1 to report a burglary. when officers got there they found the two priests badly injured and one died. the other is still in the hospital. authorities have not said what kind of injuries he has but a car missing from the church was later found with known in it. investigators hope the fiving private will be able to provide information about were suspect or suspects. >> a man is charged in connection with an attack on a local priest. the trance cent was to urinate outside the church and the priest told him to leave. officers say david lewis turned on the 65-year-old priest, punching and pushing him. >> priest is in good condition. he is in good spirits. we have someone in custody.
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that is the best part. >> terrible. terrible. we didn't hear anything. it is unfortunate. >> the priest was not wearing clerk -- clerical clothing. response time when a two-year-old died at the hospital on friday after a statue fell on him, taking 13 minutes to get to the scene. the san francisco fire department says the closest ambulance was across town. >> texas governor perry may have come to the bay area to talk economy but it is being overshadowed about comments on homosexuality. most of the program focused on government regulations and job correction. one response drew a gaps from
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some in the audience, an interviewer asked if he believes homosexuality is a disorder. he responded "i my have the gene code i am inclined to be an alcoholic but i have the desire not to do that and i look at the homosexual issue the same way." this is a few days after texas republican convention sanctioned platform language allowing texans to seek voluntary counseling to cure being gay. >> driving in, mike, i noticed the manner layer doing its thing. >> it is thicker. it has created fast breezes. same area as yesterday. we have solano county in the northern part of the delta all the way wrapping around to the eastern side of the contra costa county. we will look at what else is going to happen today. we have fast winds right across the bear and they have switched direction in the northwest at 15- to 25-knots and this is going to start at 3:00 today through 3:00 tomorrow afternoon
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and that is a is going to bring us the clearing trend. temperatures right now in the south bay are mid-to-upper 50's but for los gatos at 50. san jose is at 59 along with sunnyvale. as we break out you can see 49 in novato and calistoga and low 50's around bodega bay. the day planner shows you what will happen today, we have cloud cover through at least noon and then a dry cold front moves through and the breezes and clearing begin and we will see sunshine and temperatures are below average for the afternoon hours and into the evening. we now have a sig-alert called on for cartinez bridge in the westbound direction with emergency road repair having to be done here and shutting down the off-ramp is on the crockett side as you come over the water you are going to notice a couple of lanes taken away so the sig-alert is going to remain in effect until 8:00 this morning so right through the morning commute if you need to make the
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drive interest crockett, hercules, there will be delays. give yourself an early start. we will dip further to the south through hayward, northbound side of 880 a crash involving a solo spinout and we have a lane or two blocks with no delays at the early hour and staying in the east bay southbound side of walnut creek, you can see the traffic nice can clear so that that is an easy drive to the 24 junction. >> forces are driving iraq into chaos as they take control of city after city. next, the military intervention iraqi leaders now are asking from the united states. the battle to lure george lucas' museum is moving at light speed. 49ers coach jim harbaugh and his family are putting an
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end to a human rouse e
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covering novato, oakland and sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. las vegas police have released video, the last stand by the husband and wife team who went on a shooting rampage killing three people including two patrol officers. the video shows the couple, anti-government zealots barricaded in wal-mart last sunday. amanda was wounded and it appears the couple was con temperature politicalling suicide. now las vegas police are correcting early accounts. they now say amanda miller did not shoot her husband before taking her own life. instead, police say autopsy results show the sheriff deputies had already fired the fatal bullet. >> today in iraq, militants are pushing closer to baghdad threatening to una november eight years of the by the united
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states to stabilize the country. the militants are more ruthless than the taliban and have taken key cities in the north. al-qaeda on the move. the roads to northern iraq littered with iraqi army vehicles. after taking the second biggest city al-qaeda offshoot want on to seize the city of the home of saddam. we are dealing with the situation and we are not going to allow this to carry on said the iraqi prime minister, getting ready and organizing. there is little evidence that the islamic state of iraq and syria is facing resistance. instead, the prime minister has asked citizens to take up arms as iraqi forces are fleeing. >> so, too, are normal iraqis, around 500,000 believed to have least me sell dmosul running out
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of fear iraq will respond with airstrikes. airstrikes have caused the iraqi government to help, and the white house has called this grave there is no sign, right now, that the united states wanted to get involved. so they continue the march and the capital of baghdad is now in its sight. and this threatens not only to break iraq apart but to destabilize the entire region. >> the city of san jose is cracking down on flight and violence by focusing on property owners part of the responsible landlord engagement initiative receiving a $250,000 grant to identify quality of hive issues, city-wide which, in turn, will help reach out to renters and landlords. >> we cannot depend on code enforcement for the police department to be there. we need a private industry of property owners to step up andbly a role in helping to
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enclue up their prosecutes. >> the program was launched in 2012 and uses resources from the city, police, and community to clean up neighborhoods and mediate disputes between tenants and landlords. >> the los angeles mayor is convincing george lucas to build the new museum in california and calling on his city residents to try to help sway the filmmaker to build his store are withs museum in los angeles. he is asking them to feet reasons why los angeles is the best choice using #why lewis in last in, san francisco mayor offered lucas prime real estate near at&t park for the museum. chicago is also in the running, and lucas has been looking for a site to house the memorabelia since the resaid yes trust vetoed the lands for a museum there. i would like to talk to you about a serious condition
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affecting countless men in our country, dad pant. my handsome vibrant successful coach of a husband looked like he hung curtains from a belt. >> that is skim harbaugh and his wife folking fun at the "dad pants" in an ad using a #after complaining about the $8 pants he bought at wal-mart and they are running a contest for free tickets to a 49ers game. >> giants chasmer has -- catcher has donated a thousand baseball gloves to young players in a baseball program. this said yes was provided by the giants. junior giants is free little league for boys can girls five to 18. cities in the bay area involved. he bought the mits and treated the kidded to the game last might. he met them the kids asked
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question at the ball park and it was inspiring. >> did you have the baseball glove with a signature in the glove? i had a dal. dale murphy. >> potential hall of famer. don't use it. it could be worth something. >> ebay. >> how was the ball park? >> it will be chilly. look at what is going on. we have total sunshine and the winds are blowing out and the temperatures are going to be steady in the upper 50's to low 60's from 12:45 to 3:30 when we wrap up the rare four game set with the nationals. if you are in the sun, the u.v. index will be high watch out. >> drizzle this morning along the coast and into san francisco. watch out for that. otherwise, it is clouds and
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breezy. looking down at the ferry build ing, it is a small breeze. a wind shift today with a dry cold moving law and clearing out the clouds from north to southeast and the cost will see more sunshine than we have all week. brighter and warmer tomorrow through sunday and we will keep the sunshine at the coast as the none winds are stronger than the eastern wind that is blowing out to the east. as far as the weekend and into the continued, it will be above average and dry. here is the extensive cloud cover showing being pushed into the israel valley. watch the northern gradient kick in and you can see house clouds are dissipating from north to south so the peninsula chest until about 6:00, you are going to have clouds and you will clear out headed to the sunset. 50's and 80's is the spread today. to the south, we will have 75 in
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san jose. we could reach 80 in los gatos. 71 in milpitas the on the peninsula test, upper 60's in millbrae and san mateo and low-to-mid 70's to los altos and 61 at half moon bay and 69 at daly city and mid-60's in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. extra sunshine at bodega bay and 63 and low-to-mid 70's in the valleys of the north bay and mid-to-upper 60's loan the east bay shore. hercules and fremont around 70 like yesterday. inland the cooling would be mid-50 to low 80's if we see any cooling. tonight, it is cooler, with 40's inland and low-to-mid 50's when you wake up tomorrow. friday afternoon, saturday and sunday, total sunshine and temperatures if the upper 80's inland and nearly 80 at the bay and mid-60's at the coast. have a great one. if fremont, if you making the drive from milpitas, there is a car that want down an embankment and it sounds like the driver is trapped is we have
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emergency crews there along the nimitz, northbound 880, so there is going to be activity this between dixon landing and mission is with we are hearing. over the altamont pass, this traffic is building as we make it away from address into -- from tracy to livermore, and it eases up over the pass can clear conditions from livermore into pleasanton. this is how long it will take you, drive time traffic is 580 tracy to dublin is 27 minutes. westbound, from antioch to concord is 14 minutes and to san francisco it is 18 minutes. in san jose, along 101 away from 880, clear conditions and southbound traffic is negligible two san diego embryos -- brothers are taking relaxation to a new level with two of their favorite water-related past times into one. a hot tub on a boat.
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there is room for ten and a barbecue on board. the brothers got the idea for hot tub cruising two years ago. though had to get the blessing from san diego lifeguards and the coast guard before the one of a kind boat could be built. you can rent it for $215 an hour and must obey all the same rules as the other boats on mission bay. the water too cold for them? >> who knew it could be relaxing on a boat and relaxing in a small tub altogether. >> and danger in the shrubs, wildlife scientists reveal how close a wandering mountain lion came to people on the peninsula. >> the land by starbucks for give more than a morning jolt of
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when i have an asthma attack... i feel scared. sometimes my parents have to take me to the hospital. i feel like a fish with no water. you know how to react to their asthma attacks. here's how to prevent them. call... visit... or call your doctor. because...
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[female narrator] foods rich in folic acid like white bread and leafy greens can help prevent some birth defects before you even know you're pregnant. >> new details of a mountain lion found in a busy parking
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garage. they analyzed data and determined it hid in bushes for nine hours on may 6 while people and pets walked right on by. speakers do not believe the animal was there to hunt but was exploring which is typical behavior for a young cougar. the animal known as 46m to the researchers was tranquilized and taken back to the wilderness. mike, in weather it looks like we have a nice day with more sun. a lost sun. still breezy. if you are at the san mateo county fair, it may not feel like you are getting burned. grab the sunscreen. it is 68 by 3:00, and breezy and cool at 64 by 7:00 and 5 by they 10:00. the entire state of nevada is under a red flag warning and tomorrow, lake tahoe is under high fire danger. be careful headed that way. lake tahoe is 75 degrees.
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thunderstorms are gone from the sierra. 89 in yosemite. 80's in chico and sacramento. 63 in monterey. , senseally cool at san diego in los angeles, low 70's. leyla gulen? we have a signature alert in crockett, with the drive across the cartinez slow until 8:00 where we have emergency work being done. the sig-alert is if place again until 8:00 westbound side of the cartinez bridge and the off-ramp is going to be shut down. well see what is 457ing on or side of the bay with a drive along 101 through san rafael approaching 580, traffic is building a little bit but it stays wide open at top speeds coming up to the golden gate bridge and this is what you will find, clear conditions and the fog is not exceeding the visibility so clear coming into san francisco. kristen and matt? when you are charged with the morning cup of coffee at
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starbucks, they are now roiling out power devices that will be on designated tables and counters so customs can smart their smartphones. some locations in boston and san jose already have the devices. the charging spots expand next year into other markets. what is the most inof efficient appliance in the home? your dryer. the report says that they have slipped through the cracks when it comes to man difficultied efficiency improvements. refrigerators and dishwashers and washing machines are twice as efficient as in the 70's but the dryer is left in the dust. they waste $4 billion each year. we pay $100 to operate an electric and $40 for a gas drier. if your kids are not popular, do not worry, that could be good. a study from the university of virginia shows that if you are cool in middle school, you have
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an increased likelihood of criminal behavior, drug use, and alcohol abuse later in life. the popular teens become romantically involved earlier and become concerned with have attractive friends and are judged less competent by peer by the time they are adults. if you use the word "cool," that is an indication you are not is cool. >> you are older. at our age. it is 4:57. the world is ready for the world cup. is brazil ready in the challenges millions of people descending on competition could face starting this morning. bart leaders meet to make critical decisions. how they will impact riders. shockwaves from a stunning defeat of eric cantor and joking
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning. 5:00. it is a thursday. isn't it? >> almost there. >> coming up quickly. >> it as nice yesterday. cooler. but breezy. >> we will see if we will do the breezy thing again. >> nice for the people having the cooler weather rather than the 100s of the last couple of nights. the visibility is unlimited. the marine player is -- marine layer is thick again. but in fog. we have a solicit in the wind, significantly as the dry cold front moves tou


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